Creative Movement workshops are designed to engage children on many various levels.

Workshops are focused on physical skill development through the exploration of rhythmical adaptation, improvisation and musical triggers.

Within these creative workshops children are given the opportunity to express themselves through movement, as they develop their senses of spacial awareness within a group environment and experience a deeper self awareness through relationship building, developing self-confidence and learning to be comfortable in their own bodies.

Throughout each creative movement workshop children are encouraged to explore their innate creativity through moving in response to guided imagery, varied music, songs and playing with props such as scarves, twirling ribbons, hoops, musical instruments and

‘the spots!’

Workshops include stretching, strengthening, choreographed phrasing,

rhythmic and vocal components.

creative movement workshops are designed and adapted to suit children from PreSchool age through to grade six.

Creative Movement

To book a creative movement workshop for your school or to simply enquire, please email Mick at

Preschool age public class

@Mount Martha House